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Guests are saying...

"I really liked this restaurant..

I liked the look of the restaurant, they have renovated it well from the old one what the Mexican place was.. I liked the colors, liked the woods and the vinyl color it is stylish..

We went for dinner.. the server immediately greeted us and ask what we will have for drinks.. I see Manger stopped by couple of time over our table to find out how everything was going... we ordered some drinks and ordered Lamb chops, loved it... it was sooooo good I loved more then what I had at Santorini... I think the Lamb chops here were cooked in Tandoor.. The naan was perfect and went will the Paneer curry.. I had jamuns as dessert and I had to go gagaga about them, I never had a jamun in any Indian place so soft all I had was bit rubber texture jamuns... Copper Pot definitely has the best jamuns..


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